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Slimes are really satisfying and are trending these days. We all love slimes. Do you wanna DIY butter Buy Ambien Over The Internet without clay? If you are also one the fans of slime then we have got a very easy butter slime recipe that you can make yourself with those ingredients at your home. So now you can learn how to make butter slime without clay. Butter slime was created by the Instagram account “oh gee slime” and it took the Instagram by storm. Butter is bit different from normal slime. Instead of that glue like shiny texture, it has a grainy texture just like clay. This recipe is a butter slime no clay. But remember one thing to put everything in accurate measures. And believe me you are going to love this butter slime no clay recipe! If you also have a butter slime recipe without clay share us in the comments how do you make butter slime without clay.