About us

The 5 minute crafts team is comprised of highly experienced and expert artists that are continuously working to teach you in many different things. We try to provide you the best of all. Our team tries to make your life much easier and solve a lot of your problems. We want to make your life problems fade away to make it a better experience for you.

We have tried to fill colors to your life and we daily work hard to see a smile on your face. Our goal is to make your life a living and to take out a creative side of you which is very healthy for you. We want to clear out the mess in your life and make your everyday exciting.

Our team is developing and evolving from day one make it a better learning experience for you and understanding what you want. We always have present short clips that thoroughly demonstrate each and every step, saving your time, efforts and money.

You can also join us in our cause, if you also have any clip of yours regarding any life hack, DIY or craft you can share it with us and we will publish it on our website. It’s very easy to share your videos with us. All you need to do is follow the link below and share your video and join our cause.


We know the common problems

Mostly, we face a question that how we know what people are looking for? A simple answer for this is that we have a team that is highly efficient in their work. They browse for the everyday troubles that people find while doing daily routine tasks and then they make available short clips regarding that. We always provide clips after assuring its validity and try to find any hazards if there are. People find them compelling, and they give feedback also about what they want more.

We also have made some categories like clips for girls, clips for children and other. This is helpful because you can directly jump to your required clip by just visiting its category.


We have explained about how we are capable of bringing about the difference in your lives. We have proved ourselves to create a positive impact on every individual in society. 5-minute crafts have its motto to save your time, money and efforts by the help of our short clips. All of our clips are precise and well explained. They can easily be understood and followed. All of them are authentic. Once you start following these, you will get its benefits in your life. You will be able to get ease in your life. 5-minute crafts are all you need to solve everyday problems.